Refresh and Reboot

To say this journey has been surreal, would be an understatement.

After waking up at 5:15am and rushing outside to find an inch of snow and more traffic than was really necessary – I arrived at the Dulles airport to another large line of people looking crankier than when I had seen them the night before. Our 10:20am flight was cancelled and there was little clear communication as to what would happen next. Finally, after standing in line for two hours and frantically calling family members, interstudy, and Amy Teel (at HWS) we reached the podium. Tahmina, Bisola and I decided it would be best to make ourselves a group package, and we approached asking how best to reach Durban in a safe and fast manner. Luckily, our favorite South African Airways lady was there to help, and she explained to us our options and guaranteed that we would be able to stick together. So we have a plan! (or so we think)

We’ll be leaving Dulles this afternoon and flying straight to Atlanta, Georgia. From there, we will have just under two hours to reach our gate for our plane to Johannesburg, South Africa. We are to arrive there by 4:35pm their time on January 25th. After that, we’ll take a short flight to Durban where we hope to find our bags waiting for us, and a van to take us to UKZN.It has been a crazy couple of days. Our energy is back up now that we have a plan and each other to rely on. And we’ve made some South African friends!! 

Keep your fingers and toes crossed that this all goes smoothly!! (and that our bags make it to Durban in one piece and somewhat on time!) Love to you all!


2 thoughts on “Refresh and Reboot

  1. Everything’s crossed for you, Muffin! Though I don’t believe you need it… you’re getting sign after sign that this is bound to be a thrilling journey — with unexpected excitement, of all kinds — and you have the spirit to live it all!!! I love you! ❤ XO

    • (example of your positive rebooting: when you walked into the kitchen oh-so-early this morning and said: “So….I was thinking I’d go to Africa today!!”) ; P

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