T- ???

After the whirlwind of emotions that ran through every moment of this day, I am not where I thought I would be.

I arrived to the Dulles airport with bags stuffed to limits they need not know, and with plenty of time to hug mom and get through security on time. Now, Dulles is a massive airport. I mean really… there are trains… multiple levels… it’s a maze. So I felt immediate relief when I arrived at my gate. I checked in at the counter who then took away my small duffle I packed with two extra outfits, my make up, travel toiletries, and the entire pharmacy my mother equipped me with – because it was too heavy and might fall on someone’s head …. right. So, that’s ok – I pulled out my little toiletry organizer that held my most important prescriptions and started on the process of accepting that I had not checked not one.. not two.. but three bags.. oy vey!

Tahmina approached me as this fiasco was happening and a greeted her with a big hug. Now most of you know, that flying alone and attempting to navigate to my connection in Johannesburg was one of my greatest anxiety-inducers. So when Tahmina and I found each other on Facebook and discovered that not only were we both going to Howard, but also on the same flight – a wealth of relief swept over me. We decided to exchange some of our money and hunt for snacks in the 40 minutes before our plane was to board. Or so we thought…

After an exhausting amount of 15 minute delays and “we will notify you in 30 minutes when we have more information for you”, South African Airways finally “officially postponed the flight until tomorrow” and asked us to stand in line with all of the other passengers to collect our hotel vouchers…. Great! We knew that we had already missed our possible connections to Durban, so at this point we just wanted answers. Knowing that my mom did not live too far away, I called her to let her know what was going on. We decided that if it was a significant delay and I was not leaving within the next 8 hours, it made sense for her to come get me and for me to spend one more night cuddled up with Leo. But, no one could tell me when we were leaving… Breathing and avoiding panic… (kind of)

All in all this night is some sort of blessing (I think..) I’m getting to spend another night at “home” with my cat and I’ll get to shower and change my bandage in the comfort of this apartment tomorrow. Once mom was already halfway back to the airport, they finally announced that our flight “should” leave around 10:20am (which means I’ll be waking up at 5:45 to shower and get on the road) But I’m not complaining!! I know that come tomorrow, when I am on a plan for 18 hours or so, this will be a treasured gift that I was given to have one more night of solid rest here.

staying positive. cuddling leo. and grateful to have already made a new friend .



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