One month in and always having to remind myself to be flexible to re-adjustment. Everything here exists on Africa Time and requires not only patience but flexibility as you learn to shape yourself in the “now”.

Updated Schedule

This is the most up-to-date schedule for my life here. Classes were iffy today since students were protesting on campus and disrupting lectures with their song and dance….oh boy!

You’ll notice that there are new green “FlatFoot Rehearsals” on my schedule.. I decided to audition for FlatFoot last week after Bekani and Anita had encouraged me to do so. Having no idea what it actually was I showed up with Bisola and felt my muscles awaken throughout an intensive two hour class/audition. It hurt so good! On Wednesday I found out that I made Callbacks and had to re-motivate myself and my aching muscles to show up again on Thursday for another two hours of movement. Friday was off to a joyful start when I received the text congratulating me on being accepted into the FlatFoot Training Company and then it hit me… I had the guts to show up for a totally unknown dance experience which is turning out to be one of the best things to happen to me since coming to Durban. FlatFoot is a premiere African Contemporary dance company centralized in Durban. They are celebrating their 10th year this year and I have been blessed with the opportunity to dance with them during the duration of my time here in Durban. I’ll be able to dance with different people from all around the area and study with incredible artists. I am so open to how amazing this experience will be.

I’ll write a more thorough blog post on Wednesday! Sorry for being missing in action for 10 days… realizing that I need to make more time for myself in the upcoming weeks!


2 thoughts on “re-adjust

  1. A new WIDE window on a new culture! A wonderful avenue for your talent and training to take you into the artistic center. BRAVO!!!!!!! Paw Paw and Nana

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