I’m glad I came to South Africa because…

This page is meant to keep track of the reasons I am glad to have come to South Africa for the semester. As I stated in my first post, preparing to come here I was not entirely positive as to why I wanted to be here, but I was open to be influenced by anything and/or everything… And I am happy to report that I already have a list started.

I’m glad I came to South Africa because…

  1. The journey here challenged me to speak up and be a leader for a group of strangers I had never met before..I now know that I can remain flexible yet stable during times of great uncertainty when patience is running thin.
  2. I sang karaoke at a gay bar (“Need you know” by Lady Antebellum. Sang with Sihle at “The Lounge”)
  3. I am opening up to new friends and letting them get to know me on a deeper level
  4. I am already learning to relax and enjoy the little things more.  — nope, make that – I am entirely too relaxed
  5. I watched the sunrise and set over the Indian Ocean
  6. I attended my first township church meeting that was entirely in Zulu
  7. I attempted to surf in the Indian Ocean
  8. I tried out for.. was called back for…and now I am dancing in an African Contemporary Dance Company called FlatFoot!!!
  9. I am learning to believe in myself (slowly but surely)

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