Processing and South Africa Part Two


It has been an¬†embarrassingly¬†long time since my last blog post. Things have been happening so quickly, and most of what has happened has felt totally out of my control… And to say that I have had an easy time processing it all, would be a lie. To be honest, I haven’t been totally ready to share all of these overwhelming emotions with you all and I’m not entirely sure that I am. But I’m processing…

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Sense of Place

The experience I am having here in South Africa is effecting me in ways that I never expected or imagined. I have moments where I feel like I am watching myself grow and connect the pieces of my inner being that have long been diminished by a large amount of stress and sadness. I am just being here and finding a sense of belonging in this place. I am developing a sense of place and it’s amazing.

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T – 45 minutes

I’m unusually calm as I am watching my clock turn closer and closer to my departure from my mom’s apartment. It has been such a strange couple of liminal years as I have attempted to figure out where it is that I truly call “home”. This break has been full of family and friends (and lots of roadtrips); and for that, I am so extremely grateful. But there is something suddenly peaceful about the idea of moving to a different country where I know virtually no one for the next 5-6 months…

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